When I was 22 I used to describe myself this way.
High heels, natural blond and fake brunette.
Hooded sweatshirt and coloured socks, green eyes and Ikea bed sheets. Double pillow, bronchial asthma, extralarge bag.
Aubergines “al funghetto” and zucchini “alla scapece”.
Pearl earrings, black sheat dress, vintage Borsalino.
Maxi sweater, jeans and white washed out All stars.
Tortellini in broth and piadina romagnola with ham and squacquerone.
Italian music, true stories to tell and write , from the south.
Left-handed, Sagittarius ascendant Sagittarius.
Only salmon chirashi and Chicken Pasanda.
Shy, nice, funny. B licence, manual shift, imperfect fringe. White whine, hard bed and ham.
Scented candles, laughs and no romanticism. A few words and a lot of thoughts. Bitter coffee, cold milk.
Clever, sensual, emotional. Black mascara, pink blush, red lipstick.
They call me Macy. And it’s growing on me.



Born in Campania, grown up in Bologna and moved to Milan for career choices. Bianca’s mom, a past as a jurist, before, and in marketing, then. Blogger of sorelleinpentola.com since 2010 and of chiaramaci.com from 2013. Sommellier AIS. Consultant for several food & beverage companies, TV face of Cuochi e Fiamme on La7 and La7d, of The Chef on La5 and of “Chiara Maci #vitadafoodblogger” on FoxLife. Testimonial for italian and foreign brands