History of two businessmen and a big love, all mediterranean: pizza.

DI Chiara Maci | 4 Dec 2017


The only way to do great work is to love what you do, Steve Jobs used to say.

And you will never get bored, I say.


Two learned businessmen agree with me, two men who, after months of development and research of the perfect product, have launched a start up bearing a name as simple as Neapolitan and guarding the secret of the good pizza from Naples.


‘A pizza was born in Naples, exactly in the house garden. First pizzas come out from that wood oven, kneaded and risen under the care of Master pizza chef Nino, then put in a small blast chiller in a garage and deep frozen.

Founders are Maurizio Ramirez, born in 1964, creator of the project with a past in shoe industry and a strong desire to export and transmit mediterranean cuisine to the world, and Guido Freda, born in 1962, first licensee then join venture partner of McDonald’s, former business P&G, today equal partner of Ramirez in Vulcano Food Gourmet Srl.


And so, after two years of testing and studying the innovative technique of cryogenics, the creation of the first TRUE quality frozen pizza and, rewarding everything, the license for Industrial Invention, given by the Ministry of Economic Development to the “method for the production and conservation of handmade Neapolitan pizza” (the process includes the chilling of the product from 90c to -20c in 10 minutes saving taste, smell and nourishing properties).


The possibility of eating today a true Neapolitan handmade pizza, comfortably at home, when you want, choosing one’s best cooking method (soft or crunchy), avoiding those unpleasant accidents of “gummy” delivered pizza, is a real goal.


A far more important goal: the Certification by Celiac Disease Italian Association for the first cryogenized pizza gluten free (I challenge you to spot the difference).


Ingredients are the best. Local producers (flour 00 Caputo, water, tomato from Campania Region, fior di latte or buffalo mozzarella, top quality oil evo, basil, endive from Cilento, olives from Gaeta, etc.), an artisanal establishment in Pozzuoli with two wood ovens and many hands of Master pizza Chefs, a liquid nitrogen cooling tunnel.


9000 pizzas per day. Never losing quality.

(To all skeptics: please try it and write me).

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