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DI Chiara Maci | 6 Jun 2018 | IN COLLABORAZIONE CON Visit Zurich



When somebody shares, everybody wins.

(Jim Rohn)


Going back to Zurich for the second time and, yes, now we are three (it brings luck, doesn’t it? J)




My first business trip with Bianca and Andrea.

Their first time in Zurich for the utmost gourmet period, Food Zurich, the festival dedicated to cooking created by Zurich tourism and its partners.

After all they must be educated to cooking since they are little 🙂



Central idea of this third edition in 2018: “Sharing”. What a top theme.

A series of long tables laden with food for “Food-Sharing”, guide for the Opening Night at Jelmoli Food Market and Cooking Station positioned in different places where you can taste lots of courses.


Prestigious Chefs from the 5 stars hotels Baur au Lac, Park Hyatt Zurigo, Storchen Zurigo, The Dolder Grand and Widder Hotel ready to surprise without abandoning the “new” but neither Swiss heritage and future.


Here follow my suggestions for a little tour of a few days, also possible with children J


Where to sleep:

25hours Hotel

In multicultural Langstrasse.

The street very near to Zurich central station and in front of Kulturhaus Kosmos that with its forum, theatre, cinema, bookshop, café, shop and bistrò represents a small world within the universe of Europaallee, new District of Zurich.

An original and modern unit full of creative inputs to amaze and interact. Located in red-light District, in contrast to banks, art and finance.

In the lobby Freitag bags hanging from the ceiling as strongboxes.

In each room Polaroid vintage at guests disposition, games for children, bluetooth speakers for music listening and, for those who need them, bicycles, scooters and a Mini car for visiting the city.

Young, funny and brilliant. Original and arty.


What’s new:

Europaallee, the requilified District.

A total concept for this new District which wants to create space for spare time, food, development, accomodation and work.

A District with schools, sociocultural institutes and a superior institute of pedagogy.

A surface of 78.000 square metres redesigned by Zurich architects and architecture studios of London and Amsterdam.

Born into the area where labourers once used to live, facing Langstrasse, the red-light zone.

Symbol of a years-long process of gentrification in the swiss economic capital city.


Zurich Zoo

Suggested destination if you are in Zurich with children, situated in Zürichberg District.




Where to eat:



The restaurant at the ground floor of 25Hours Hotel.

Created by Chef Haya Molcho who brings her origin and values into its kitchen.

Family and identity as a base, in fact Nemi takes its name from the initials of her children: Nuriel, Elior, Nadiv and Ilan.


Among colours and modern art, into this kitchen Middle East meets Swiss and world influences with emotional involvement.


An example? Try Balagan. Literally: chaos. A mix of courses and appetizers to share with friends or family. Hummus, Middle East sauce made with chickpeas and sesame, Pita Bread, beet Hummus, Baked Sweet Potato, baked chicken with peppers and onions and much more.

Scent of flavours and oriental cultures, worlds to discover and identities to live. Into the dishes.

The menu will satisfy everybody: vegans, vegetarians and omnivorous.





A pretty nice discovery.

A proper treasure is hidden very near to my Hotel and so to the station.

A modern italian (and not only this) kitchen, interpreted by Chef Antonio Colaianni, born in Bern but with italian origins. From Puglia to Zurich.

Seasonal and fresh vegetables, meat and fish in one trip for an amazing night.

You absolutely have to try it.





A tour made of chocolate:


“Nine out of ten people love chocolate, the tenth lies”.


Brought by the guide Stephanie Greiner for a special and tasty tour, for Bianca and me.

To discover chocolate history through signs and games for my little giant. From beans plantation to their transformation.



A family confectionary company founded in 1905.

The pioneer, passionate traveller and in love with italian flavours, makes of Genova bread (Pain de Gênes) its best product.

The family motto is keeping a top level of artisanal techniques and high quality products.

Filled pralines: a moment of ecstasy.



Max Chocolatier


A small laboratory full of switness and family history.

A story which seems too beautiful to be true, but it is.

Max and his father. A young lover with a great passion for chocolate and a dream to achieve, together.

Four key-values entering the shop: homemade, selected, 100% natural and unique.

Little degustation of delicacies, result of long making and unique flavour.

Marc de Champagne, “SchoggiPlättli” with pasision fruit, pralines and bars of all kinds.




When you get inside is like finding yourself in a fairy tale full of colours, you cannot imagine Bianca’s face.

Natural ingredients without chemical additives for more than one hundred chocolate creations.

You must try truffles, speciality of the house.


Oro De Cacao

Here, on the river bank, in the most historical Zurich area, you will find innovation.

A new approach to chocolate bar creation.

An “unreleased” chocolate which starts from a cocoa bean not toasted but used raw.

You must try dark chocolate bars, white chocolate ones and chocolate in cup served cold.


Conditorei Schober

A patisserie or a Belle Époque living room?

Here time seems to stand still.

If you are looking for a break out of modern times, stop for a slice of cake, biscuits and homemade chocolate.


Confiserie Sprüngli

Obligatory stop, you just cannot leave without having a break here.

The historical patisserie and certainly the most famous as for history.

Here luxemburgerli were born, realized by Camille Studer who swiped the recipe from France changing it at his own fancy.


Once again Zurich surprises and enriches me.

See you soon.




Photo By Chiara Maci
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