Bistrot “starred” and haute cuisine in Milan: how not to make the wall cry

DI Chiara Maci | 15 Dec 2017


How can we not renounce the goodness of a starry or haute cuisine without making the wallet cry? The bistro, a unique and versatile solution, stands out as an edible business card for all those starred and non-starred chefs who wish to expand their clientele.

It seems that proposing a reduced and simplified version of the menu is the winning card for all those who possess a constellation. In Milan, those not to be missed!


Mudec bistrot: Enrico Bartolini and the contemporary classic

Ideal for those who want a quick gourmet snack or an informal aperitif accompanied by unconventional classic contemporary style snacks, all this on the ground floor of the Mudec. A versatile offer, from breakfast to lunch, continuing with an aperitif and dinner, in a smart and design environment. The management of the place is entrusted to Enrico Bartolini, 2-Michelin- star chef of the museum’s restaurant.

Art and cuisine, what a combination emblazoned!


Carlo and Camilla in Segheria: clear flavors and unexpected details

Under the direction of chef Carlo Cracco, a Michelin star, Luca Pedata and a team of young chefs propose a minimal cuisine, therefore raw materials of the highest quality that follow a seasonal path, paying attention to the territoriality of the products. Refined cooking techniques, sometimes unusual, surely Cracco’s legacy, useful for the improvement of the ingredients for a menu that varies about every three months.

An easier version of Carlo, demonstrating how a successful union with Camilla has developed its cuisine.


Langosteria café milano: informal and never predictable

Ceviche of sea bream, spicy at the right point with a lime aftertaste, embraced by the superb red onion of Acquaviva delle Fonti. A pulled pasta, as it used to be, together with a raw fish of the day, seasoned with a lemon extra virgin olive oil. Creativity of the starred chef Giorgio Damini combined with cuts of meat chosen by the butcher Gian Pietro Damini, brothers with a passion for haute cuisine, in a bar in the historic center of Milan.

Beware of unaware passers-by, you can not help but enter. 😉


Space: education, value and tradition in Piazza Duomo

On the top floor, at the top and still at the top of the building, nothing is higher than that. The view from the main hall literally takes your breath away with Piazza Duomo in all its splendor. The modern and tasteful decor blends perfectly with the kitchen, which offers simple recipes of the Italian tradition, revisited in the style of Niko Romito: ziti with a light sauce of three meats; tagliatelle with parmesan, pepper, lemon and mint; lentils, cazzarielli and hazelnuts.

So, keep a “space” in your agenda for this place, maybe for a Saturday evening out of the ordinary!


Chic & Quick: Sadler for everyone

Sadler’s Michelin star, the taste of refinement and the serenity of a meal, this is the offer of his haute cuisine bistro. McSadler, with fresh salmon cooked with aurora sauce and potato chips, is a shining example of how you can get something stellar with just a few ingredients.

A starred menu including dessert, the covered and a good glass of wine at the modest sum of 20 euros or so, so as to be available to everyone. Open for both lunch and dinner, the versatile environment of the room hosts every moment of the day to the fullest, without forgetting those details that only those who
own a constellation (such as Sadler) are able to fix.


By Luca Banfi

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