Restaurants for kids.

DI Chiara Maci | 8 Jun 2018


To bring your babies to the restaurant sometimes seems to be an hard work.

The menu that is not suitable, the rumors created by the laughs or the tears and then you have to finish your lunch quickly because your kids need attentions and company.


Here you can find some places around Milan where you can bring all the family without any anxiety:


CASCINA CAREMMA (Besate, via Cascina Caremma 2)

30 minutes far from Milan, this is not only a restaurant, but also: didactic farm (with some animals in the park), vegetable garden, organic products shop, hotel and spa.

The place is homey and cozy, wood’s beams on the ceiling, a fireplace, big windows that look out on the big park.

The menu is small because it’s km zero.

Home made bread, purified water, appetizers with cheese, salami and vegetables.

The first courses are simple, with organic pasta and rice that can be seasoned with tomato, oil or parmesan for the kids.

The sweets are the “grandmas” ones, tasty and healthy.

After lunch you can spend the afternoon between animals, games, nature and wellness.


MI SCUSI (Milano, Piazza San Camillo De Lellis – via Pompeo Litta 6)

Every kids love pasta.

Is there a better place then a “pasta restaurant” to taste it?

Mi scusi, two restaurants in the center of Milan, minimal furnitures that remember an old trattoria.

The kitchen has a mill on sight to break pasta’s grains.

You can find a lot of different types of pasta, with sauces that follow the products seasonality and the chef’s fantasy.

The favorite dish? spaghetti with tomato and basil.

There’s no table service, the format is the “fast food” one, the waiters are kind and the prices are small.


4CENTO (Milano, via Campazzino 14)

In 5 minutes to Milan, the 4cento, restaurant with a garden, is the best solution for a family week end.

Spacious place, a garden with modern sofas, some tables for an opened lunch or dinner.

Inside you find brick walls, smart and essential furniture, soft lights.

The menu is big, to satisfy all the requests: there are also vegan and gluten free dishes.

Each Sunday (from 12 am to 16 pm) there’s the “family brunch” with creative children’s workshops followed by qualified educators.

The brunch is free for kids under the age of 4.

During the week, the dinner are accompanied by live music, jazz and much more.


GRANI&BRACI (Milano, via Giuseppe Ferrari ang. via Carlo Farini)

Restaurant, pizzeria and steak-house in Milan.

Big and cozy place, well lightened.

On the table you always find a kit with colorful pencils and a place mat for the kids.

More than the classic menu (with organic meats and integral doughs), there are some kids plates like: rice, dumplings, pasta. Cotoletta, omelettes, fruits and ice creams with small prices.

During the weekend, the kids can have fun in a game’s area with baby sitters and entertainers.

Every Saturday, from 19 pm to 20 pm and every Sunday for lunch, creative workshops with makeup artists, decorations, hand works and much more.


ACQUACHETA (Milano, via Erodoto 2)

Tuscany’s brasserie with a big garden that helps you to forget, for a few hours, that you are in Milan.

The small kitchen with a lot of plastic chef’s equipments. The soccer. A place to paint and play near the lunch’s tables.The stand under the sink to permit to the babies to wash  easily their hands. The garden with the games. Big pillows for the relax.

Acquacheta is one of the most baby friendly locals in Milan.

The furnitures are simple, checkered tablecloths and dark wood on the walls.

The kitchen is based on meat dishes, with  big Tuscany dominance: tartine, cheese, salami, fiorentina meat, entrecôte and much more.

The Sunday’s brunch is funny. You can find croissants, omelettes, first and second courses while your children have their own menu (pasta, hamburger and ice cream) and then they can play together.


By Giulia Gattiglia

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