Black: evolution and revolution of the classic Martini

DI Chiara Maci | 4 Oct 2017


If a simple Martini, shaken and not stirred (famous drink of the charming secret agent) used to incite cinematographic turmoils, its evolution in the late ‘80s arose with a more pleasing desire.

Espresso Martini is a very particular variant of the original cocktail.

Legend says that this mix was born as a gift given by a Londoner mixologist to a famous top model with a great passion for strong coffee and old-fashioned drinks.

What was new? The combination of vodka and the intense aroma of coffee, with the addition of a sugar and Kalùa syrup, gave birth to this drink with a toasted-coffee taste.

The revolution of this mix starts when a skillfull bartender decides to enterprise a journey through the countless bonatical combinations.

In this new version revisited the GIASS (gin of Milanese origin and denomination, property of the famous mixologist) is the main character of the recipe which, thanks to a single origin arabica, creates an innovative “Black” taste.

Made ad hoc for the fashion week and presented during a Black ‘n’ White event, faithful like its predecessors, the newcomer follows in the renewal the tradition that the classic and immortal Martini has enterprised since its first combination.

This is a freely personalized version with some ingredients made in Milan, by Richard D’Annunzio (GIASS creator).


GIASS 4,5cl

3,5cl of single origin arabica coffee Hera

5g of lemon-ginger marmalade



– Shake all ingredients vigorously

– Pour everything in an “old-fashion” glass, full of ice.

– Garnish the glass with a dehydrate citrus slice.


By Luca Banfi

Photo By Giulia Gattiglia
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