VIA BIGLI with GRA’IT: “A Manhattan please!” (Or almost)

DI Chiara Maci | 11 Oct 2017


Maybe it was just another night in Milan’s Navigli, maybe I wanted to go home early but maybe my feet were bound for something new.

I was crossing the bridge to get to the other side of the bank when a merry sensation captured the attention of my smell sense.

A light aroma of orange, the one which recalls an almond scent and a cherry macerating on the bottom of a glass, everything in that flavour made me think about a proper Manhattan.

Step by step, closer and closer to that aroma, tremendously thirsty and with a hartwarming joy, I was ready to taste the cocktail’s sweetness.

When I got inside the place, I approached the counter to order that Manhattan and my thirsty gaze fell victim to that blackboard (thanks to it), “Via Bigli”, this is the way I was whetted.

The bartender I addressed to with curiosity answered me “Via Bigli” is the new cocktail blended with GRA’IT, that is a new grappa of Veneto origin and released tonight in cocktails”.

I asked myself if I had been deceived by the ingredients and what the sensation perceived out of the bar could have been.

It smelled like a Manhattan, it looked like a Manhattan, there was Vermouth in it and the orange aftertaste was undeniable. Obviously grappa stood in for whisky, as the base of the drink.

A decision came to my lips, then: “a Manhattan, please! Or almost”, pointing with my finger at the small blackboard hanging in the corner of the wall in front of me which was shouting “VIA BIGLI”.

Drawing conclusions about that night: I was exhausted, but I was longing for something new. I had smelled a “Manhattan” but I ordered a “Via Bigli”.



Ingredients: (without doses)

GRA’IT grappa

Red Vermouth


Orange bitters

Tellicherry pepper infused Vermouth Dry


Shake all ingredients vigorously

Pour the mix in a Manhattan glass

Garnish with orange zest to taste


By Luca Banfi

Photo By Giulia Gattiglia
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