“La ruota di Moreno”.

DI Chiara Maci | 10 Mar 2018


“In 2014, Atlanta, Georgia, I used to have dinner with pumping cakes, grilled meat, oysters and good drinks like aromatic gin tonic or cocktails with Bourbon (whiskey) and spices.”


Four years later “Identità Golose” in Milan introduced, during the three days of the fair, different mixology and food pairing’s lessons: “Identità di cocktail”.

In fact, not only pro-American people or “hipsters” loves having lunch or dinner with a good spirit, but by now the food pairing is increasing in Italy with dedicate restaurants in the main cities.

Between innovative mixing’ s techniques and unusual smells and spices, Moreno Cedroni, owner and chef of “Madonnina del Pescatore” in Senigallia, with Dom Costa, barman of the “Liquid cocktail bar” of Alassio, created some recipes specially studied to complement each other with complementary drinks.

In this way they raised awareness of the food and drink ’s match.

But Dom Costa said that the drink must be shaped on the recipe’s composition to create a right effect of awakening of the palate.


“La ruota di Moreno” is been a travel across the world.

He’s the fish’s king, Dom Costa is the liquid cuisine’s king.


The Dom’s “Sicilian Lemonade”, with South America’s flavors, was composed to:

5cl of tequila

1cl of Agave’s syrup

fresh lime


Has been accompanied by:

Ricciola, lemongrass, leek, lime juice, viola and crunchy amaranth.

Margarita’s sorbet



The “Sake”, made by:

5cl sake

5cl lemon juice

ginger beer

Cardamom’s essence in the air


has been accompanied by:

Red tuna with almonds

Sake’s sorbet



By Giulia Gattiglia

Photo By Giulia Gattiglia
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