Busiate with pistachio and shrimp pesto.

DI Chiara Maci | 3 Oct 2018


These in the picture are the busiate I ate a few days ago at the restaurant “Ghibli” in San Vito Lo Capo,
super good.

The recipe is my way to make it.

Enjoy them!



500g of busiate

200g of unsalted toasted pistachios

35g of parmigiano reggiano

Lemon zest

Half a clove of garlic

100ml of extra virgin olive oil

Water as needed

3 leaves of basil


Black pepper

300g of shrimps

Extra virgin olive oil


– Start with the pistachio pesto. Put a pot full of water over the heat and drop the shelled pistachios as soon as it boils, then cook about five minutes to remove the peel easily.

– Transfer the pistachios into a mixer with olive oil, Parmigiano Reggiano, basil leaves, half a clove of garlic and a little grated lemon peel.

– Operate and after a while add a little water. Season with salt and pepper and continue mixing until you
get a cream, not too homogeneous.

– Shell the shrimps removing the head and the black string. Rinse them under water.

– Heat a little oil in a pan and add the shrimps, then salt them and sauté for a few minutes.

– Bring water for pasta to boil, drop busiate and drain them al dente directly into the pan with shrimps,
then, helping with a little cooking water, amalgamate also the pistachio pesto.

– Serve with a grating of black pepper.

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