Cake & blueberry juice: breakfast!

DI Chiara Maci | 30 Nov 2017 | IN COLLABORAZIONE CON Natura Buona


By now you know well that I love breakfast  as much as I love lunch and dinner. Actually, maybe more.

If we only had more time, how would it be wonderful to have guests for breakfast? To start the day off right, but also to have the whole day ahead of you. I mean, I think that the value of some sleepy eyes, the warmth of home and the smell of a freshly baked cake is inestimable.

Today blueberry juice for our good health and a slice of soft cake to start off right, both for those who are going to the office and for those who are going to the nursery 🙂

Why blueberry? It’s one of the superfruits, high in vitamins, sugar, fibre, mineral salts and antioxidant, a support for a healthy and proper nutrition to sustain our body every day, improving eyesight and blood flow (my Mother is crazy for them!)

In this case, Natura Buona juice is 100% fruit as just squeezed with only fruit sugars, without colourants and preservatives.

And, as a pairing recipe, I am leaving you my cake with egg whites and almonds 🙂




160g almond flour

230g flour 00

150g salted butter

8 egg whites

250g sugar



– Break eggs and separate yolks from whites.

– Put only the whites in a bowl with sugar and beat them with the electric whisks until stiff.

– Sift flour 00 and incorporate it into the boule with the almond flour too, a pinch of salt and the butter, melted at room temperature.

– Amalgamate the mix stirring gently from bottom to top not to deflate it.

– Butter and flour a cake or plum cake mold and pour the dough. Cook at 180c for about 40 minutes, make the toothpick test and take it out of the oven.

Photo By Giulia Gattiglia
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