Couscous with Tropea onion, yellow tomato and pumpkin flowers.

DI Chiara Maci | 6 Aug 2019 | IN COLLABORAZIONE CON Bia Cous Cous

Whole durum wheat couscous, Tropea onion, yellow tomatoes, pumpkin flowers and peas.

The flavors of my land.

You cannot understand the sweetness of the yellow tomatoes here, spectacular.

I peas had frozen them from fresh, you may want to replace them with another vegetable or just omit them.    


200g of whole durum wheat Bia Cous Cous

200ml of water

1 Tropea onion

250g / 300 of yellow cherry tomatoes

70g of peas

8/10 pumpkin flowers


Extra virgin olive oil


– Wash and cut the yellow tomatoes in half.

– Cut the Tropea onion and sauté in a pan with a little extra virgin olive oil.

– Add the tomatoes and cook.

– When half cooked, add the peas.

– Gently clean the zucchini flowers and add them to the end of cooking together with the basil.

– Steam the whole durum wheat couscous by pouring it into a bowl with hot water. Cover with a lid and leave for a few minutes (as per the timing indicated on the package).

– When it is ready, dress it with the sauce of yellow tomatoes, pumpkin flowers and peas and serve adding a few fresh basil leaves.

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