Let the weaning adventure begin.

DI Chiara Maci | 20 Sep 2018 | IN COLLABORAZIONE CON Philips Avent


Andrea, it’s time for baby food.

Finally, the long-awaited moment.

Let the weaning start!


We started in July, on vacation and calmly making the first changes.

I obviously couldn’t wait.

At home in Milan all the necessary is ready for months 🙂

Dishes, saucers, mini cutlery and all that I need to speed up my production of baby food and fruit.


Some initial grimace but then the fear passed and he has literally dived on his new baby food.

You shoud see him, I cannot even explain how he laughs now, as soon as he sees the coloured saucer.


As I did for Bianca, little by little I want him to try everything.

Actually for her I have never used particular “machines” to prepare baby food.

But this time I tried Philips Avent’s EasyPappa 4 in 1, and I honestly fell in love with it.


Everything is done in a unique container: steaming, homogenizing, heating and defrosting.


It prepares it all and turns off alone: ​​practically the salvation for a mother.

I swear that it becomes fun for all mothers to try to create new baby food.

From the snack with avocado and banana, to the lunch with pasta and cream of zucchini, fennel and basil, to the dinner with steamed fish and all the other ingredients homogenized. For me pure fun, you can imagine 🙂


Now I’m going to try some other baby food with various ingredients: I’ll tell you about that.

Meanwhile, I leave you this easy recipe of pasta seeds with cream of peas, basil, sole and lemon zest. This way he tries every flavour and gets used to all tastes right away. You can try other variations, replacing peas with, for example, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes and a bit of basil: super good.

Do your children already eat legumes? What month did they start?

At present we have tasted only peas; later we will integrate the rest, anyway for the moment he goes crazy about them.


What about your suggestions?

Even if Andrea is the second, they are always needed J



150g frozen peas

1 little fillet of clean sole

1 potatoe

1-2 teaspoons of pasta seeds


Peel of an untreated lemon

Extravirgin olive oil


– Defrost and wash peas.

– Peel the potato, wash it carefully and cut it into cubes.

– Pour peas, potato and the fillet of sole into the container, adding a few basil leaves, carefully rinsed.

– Cover with the lid and, after putting the water inside the tank, steam for 20 minutes.

– Once time has passed, it will switch off by itself. Turn the container upside down to use it as a blender.

– Blend from 3 to 5 times of 15 seconds each until you get the consistency that you like.

– It is already a complete meal as it is, with vegetables and fish, but if you want you can add, as I did, a little pasta cooked apart.

– I recommend, remember not to add salt but only a little extra virgin olive oil and a little bit of finely grated lemon peel.


A little suggestion, from mother to mother: you can also prepare it in larger quantities, freeze the extra portions into the provided trays and then defrost them easily as needed, directly using the EasyPappa.

Photo By Chiara Maci
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