Pastina with cream of sweet potato, pumpkin and fennel.

DI Chiara Maci | 23 Jan 2019

Code word: vary 🙂

Flavours and colours to stimulate the curiosity of our children.

Cream of sweet potato, pumpkin and fennel with pastina.

It’s lunch time, children!


60g of pastina

1 thick slice of cleaned pumpkin

1 small golden onion

80-100g of sweet potatoes

1 heart of fennel


Oil evo

Wash and clean the vegetables and dice them.

Chop a little onion and put it into a pan with a little extra virgin olive oil.

Add the sweet potatoes, pumpkin and fennel.

Cover with water and cook until vegetables are overdone, more or less for twenty minutes.

Then blend everything with the immersion mixer, in order to obtain a “soft” cream.

Cook pastina directly into the cream or separately in water, as you normally do, and mix it with the cream.

You can add a little oil or a little parmigiano to taste.

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