Life is good!

DI Chiara Maci | 15 Jan 2019 | IN COLLABORAZIONE CON Nestlé

First weeks of the new year and good intentions to achieve?

A little help from the web to discover easily how good life is.

A website where you can get lost among many curiosities, information and recipes.

A meeting place where you can really find an infinite quantity of simple and fast solutions, suggestions and all the info on products, just a click away.

If at present you are looking for advice about  how to get back in shape after the holidays, you will find many and very useful suggestions for a healthy and balanced diet and for a good lifestyle.

Very easy to consult, I assure you.

You will be able to access different editorial spaces to deepen the “latest trends” in nutritional field, “news in the kitchen” and methods to keep “always in shape”.

Lots of creative recipes and ideas to remake, from appetizers to desserts, easy or not, for those who want to test themselves, also with their children.

Funny videos and health&wellness quizzes about family, health, nutrition and much more.

A lot of information about products, divided into sections: gluten-free, lactose-free and organic for celiac or intolerant people who look for tasty solutions, news and useful information.

Of course there is an area where you can start promotions and competitions of all Nestlé brands, where you will have the opportunity of subscribing and winning fabolous prizes.

And I am telling you more: from February you will also find many discount coupons to download and use on your favorite products!

You can also create your own personal profile where you can save your favourite products, recipes and items, so that you can review them at any time and create your own wellness program with the themes that interest you most.

And for any doubt, a live chat for constant support.

A personal trainer, a nutritionist and a chef will be ready to answer to your curiosities and questions and, together with a dietician, a pediatrician and a sports doctor, they will enrich recipes and products sections with valuable advice.

I am sure you will love it.

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