Coffee is a serious thing. Especially here.

DI Chiara Maci | 25 Oct 2018 | IN COLLABORAZIONE CON Faema




A sensory and exciting journey to discover the whole world of coffee through degustations, milk art, cupping, cocktails and much more.


“Art & Caffeine”, coffee culture and education: Faema’s first Flagship in the world for over 70 years of the Cimbali Group’s brand history.


Faema, the historic brand of production and distribution of professional espresso machines, which holds in its history and evolution the exaltation of competence and passion in the artful extraction of the best coffees.


In 2012 the foundation of MUMAC, the Coffee Machine Museum which represents the widest permanent exhibition dedicated to the history, world and culture of one of the symbol products of Made in Italy. The aim is to spread the culture of espresso coffee and to enhance the territory.


Today the entry into the heart of Milan.



An experience full of enthusiasm and coffee, in all its forms and aromas.

Born as a meeting point between preparation and creation for coffee specialists and coffee lovers.

A place to stop by and deepen one of the most pleasant of daily rituals, cup after cup, blend after blend.




A unique flagship, firstly used by baristas and coffee operators for the presentation of new models of coffee machines, professional update for roasters to make known and taste each grain and its quality at best.


(It will be open to public also during major events that every year make Milan the capital of design, food and fashion, as well as on the occasion of other important initiatives planned in the city).





Many events scheduled, master classes of some of the most successful coffee gurus, milk art competitions, Aeropress and coffee in good spirits, among the most popular disciplines at the moment, and days dedicated to roasting, with particular attention to micro roasters, who will be able to test and describe specific mono-origins and blends with different extraction techniques, from espresso to Aeropress, kemex, V60 and cold brew.


One hundred and sixty square metres carefully handled in every detail and aimed to design, experience, knowledge and pleasure.


Meeting and creation, dialogue and sharing.


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