Linguine with pistachio pesto, tuna in oil and lemon zest.

DI Chiara Maci | 30 Jan 2019 | IN COLLABORAZIONE CON Insieme per gli oceani

And with these perfumes your mind immediately flies by the seaside 🙂

Do you remember Ondina and Ocean?

The beautiful animated video that introduced us to these two new friends and taught us how important nature is, and Oceans in particular?

For years Rio Mare has been committed and paying the utmost attention to encouraging and promoting responsible fishing and the protection of the marine ecosystem.

From 2016 in collaboration with WWF, this partnership aims to inspire other companies to take the road to sustainability and contribute to well-managed fishing and healthy oceans.

Let’s not forget how fundamental the commitment of each of us is to safeguard the marine ecosystem.

Meanwhile, I leave you to the recipe.


200g Linguine

300g canned tuna in oil Rio Mare

Black pepper in grains


100g Bronte Pistachios or sweet pistachios (not salted)

Extra virgin olive oil

1 untreated lemon

1 garlic clove

Boil the water for linguine into a high saucepan.

Then place the sweet pistachios into the glass of an immersion mixer.

Add salt, pepper and oil up to cover them and blend. You will get pistachio pesto.

Drop the pasta and while it’s cooking, prepare the tuna dressing.

In a non-stick pan, put a little oil with the smashed garlic clove and add the tuna, previously drained.

Let it brown for a few minutes and adjust salt and pepper.

Add linguine al dente and mix, adding also the pistachio pesto and the lemon zest. Mix with a little cooking water.

Transfer to the plates and finish with a little more grated peel.

Photo By Alex Alberton
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