Rigatoni with artichokes, mozzarella, parmesan and fennel.

DI Chiara Maci | 8 Apr 2019


Sunday lunch for me and Bianca.

Do I have to tell you how good they were? 🙂



200g of rigatoni

300g of artichokes


Parmigiano Reggiano



1 lemon

Oil evo



– Clean artichokes by removing the outer harder leaves and the “fur” in the center. Leave them into a container with water and a few drops of lemon so that they won’t blacken.

– Brown a garlic clove into a pan with a little oil and join the artichokes, cut into quarters or into thin slices and cook for a few minutes.

– Cover and let cook.

– In the meanwhile, bring water for pasta to boil, salt it and drop rigatoni.

– Drain them directly into the pan with artichokes, helping with a skimmer.

– Mix well, incorporating a little cooking water.

– Cube mozzarella and join it.

– Mix and serve rigatoni with artichokes in the dishes with a tuft of fennel and a drizzle of oil if necessary.

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