Samsung 24hr. Kitchen: my kingdom.

DI Chiara Maci | 16 Apr 2019 | IN COLLABORAZIONE CON Samsung Home Appliances



Samsung 24hr. Kitchen: a space entirely dedicated to the kitchen, the place where everything happens.

I brought you with me on this new food project, my world, the heart of my home.

Could I be happier living this experience with Samsung?


A space, designed by Samsung Home Appliances in collaboration with food designer Laila Gohar and 2×4, for Milan Design Week.

His “living-kitchen” to be lived all day.

Because cooking is not just preparing, but also thinking, production and sharing.

A vibrant place where you can cook, work and above all live some family time, the most precious asset we have.

That’s why Samsung represents the day in all its steps, especially in three kitchens dedicated to three key moments.

Three main ingredients: flour, tomato and sugar. Taking them from their simplicity to transforming themselves into wonderful creations thanks to technology and creativity.

Thanks to technology and creativity these simple ingredients turn into great recipes. A real story linked by a single kitchen counter that winds from one room to another, admiring the latest Samsung products in the gamma Built-in, the ovens (Dual Cook Flex Oven), the fridge (Family Hub), induction and hood.



The first hours of the days illuminated by a brilliant, fresh and minimalist design accompanied by wheat berries, bread and butter sculptures.

Then continue with richer and more playful colors, bunches of tomatoes hanging from the ceiling and sample of tomato “caviar” for visitors.

A warmer atmosphere saw the arrival of the evening and the moment of relax. Spun and processed sugar, as the result of creation and cooking process.



The choice of ingredients as simple as fundamental, such as flour, tomato and sugar, which can easily be transformed into innovative recipes.



The creations of Michel Roux, a member of Samsung Club des Chefs, and Chef of Le Gavroche in London, are so innovative and absolutely tasty through a simple and successful cooking show. I got the chance to try them, so colored, healthy and delicious.



A stronger connection between technology and manual skills to create more and more possibilities.

Heat, flame, water or air used almost like magic.

Appliances as a key to make more livable and shareable the kitchen.


Thanks Samsung, my kingdom has never been so complete.