7+7: my fairtrade recipes, for a Merry Christmas.

DI Chiara Maci | 15 Dec 2017 | IN COLLABORAZIONE CON Alce Nero


“Alce Nero has been my choice, already ten years ago. A choice respecting ingredients, enhancing hard work to create organic, giving value to people and their qualities.

This recipe book was born with the desire of sharing the simplicity of recipes and the attention and care of raw material. Sweet and salty, a dish for every occasion. From breakfast to dinner, to wish you a Merry Christmas from my heart”



This new project starts from here together with the global brand of ethic certification Alce Nero, and its fairtrade products.

A line that arises from the collaboration of the brand with more than 14000 small South America producers joined in cooperatives and active in farming raw materials telling flavours and territories, a good agriculture generating clean economy and fairtrade.

Women and men connected by the common aim of realizing an authentic quality talking about labour and satisfaction, trust and growth, personal and professional.

Products speaking about flavours and territories, careful hands and delicate making with respect for the land and for those who work it.

Coffee, the, basmati rice, sugar, cocoa and chocolate but also chocolate bars and biscuits. Basis to start for my recipes 🙂


The recipe book comes free with Fairtrade Christmas Basket.

Here the information: shop




Fairtrade is the most well-known international brand of ethic certification in the world.
Its aim is to support developing countries’ most disadvantaged producers enabling them to join the trading system with full transparecy and accuracy, thereby improving their standard of living.
The Consortium promoting FAIRTRADE brand and fairtrade validity on Italy’s territory since 1994.
Made up of non-governmental organizations, associations, cooperatives, consortiums and companies which promote fairtrade, international cooperation, social action, ethic finance, respect for the environment and consumers protection.
Alce Nero is the brand of more than a thousand organic farmers and beekepers who, since the ‘70s, have been working hard for producing good and healthy food. Organic products Alce Nero come from an agricolture protecting the land, respecting every component in it, both vegetal and animal or human. No chemical synthesis substances like pesticide or herbicide, choice of proper and fitting land, productions enhancing organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of raw materials: these are the parameters which identify Alce Nero brand. In the middle we find the knowledge of farmers, a precious patrimony which reveals itself inside every ingredient, from tomato to honey, again to Senatore Cappelli wheat with its long stalk, until extravirgin oilve oil.
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