Truffle tagliolini.

DI Chiara Maci | 22 Nov 2018


Truffle, the utmost mushroom of the wonderful autumn. At least for me.

Black, or the most precious white one, always super good.

The white one is better to be grated and not cooked, in order to preserve its whole aroma and its slight scent of hazelnut.

The black one can be added during cooking.

It goes well with dishes with a delicate flavour like poached or fried eggs, risotto or a good Fassona tartare.

Today we prepare tagliolini with truffle.



200g of egg tagliolini



Coarse salt


– First bring abundant hot water to boil.

– Meanwhile, clean the truffle. Use a brush or rub it with a damp cloth to remove any earthy leftover.

– Salt water when boiling and cook tagliolini.

– Melt the butter in a pan. Drain tagliolini directly with the butter.

– Then grate a little truffle out of heat and mix.

– Serve the truffle tagliolini with another “dusting” of thin slices.

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