9 months and the little goals of our tiny man.

DI Chiara Maci | 30 Nov 2018 | IN COLLABORAZIONE CON Philips Avent


A few days ago we “celebrated” your 9 months, “little” Andrea.

A wonderful growth step.

Indeed, you’re starting to explore the world of adults.

Small steps without haste, as it has to be.

Every day a new little discovery for him and a great emotion for me.

With the second child you’re much more relaxed and although I travel a lot and I’m always
wandering, they follow me and they are really good 😉

You should see how he loves to experiment and how curious he is, it seems like he’s always trying
to understand and he follows all the people next to him with his more and more present gaze and his
voice that wants to be heard as he was already trying to talk.

Well, he can say “Mom”, you bet.

Not to mention laughter, how he laughs with Bianca. I’m lucky, yes. I admit that.

On the food we’re strengthening, getting used to new flavours and a bit more solid food, he always
tastes everything and you can easily understand if something does not fancy him.

Fortunately, at least for the moment, he likes almost everything. Do you like the recipes for babies I’m posting? He does 😉

He’s slowly beginning to become familiar with his little cutlery and there are some first small
attempts to try to eat and drink alone.

On the high chair it’s always a party. While he’s waiting for his food, focused on imitating the
adults, he sits very straight trying to move forward to reach his new super cup Philips Avent, at
any cost it must be his to be able to drink alone, or at least try :-).

One of the new discoveries of the last month that will bring him closer and closer to the world of
adults and tomorrow to the dreaded glass.

Now he’s in the phase of discovery, so he looks, observes, puts everything in his mouth and the
same does with his new cup. Little by little this is helping him with the teeth and he nibbles it with
pleasure (the first tooth is finally coming out).

We’re not so good with the spoon yet, but we’ll get to that too.

Meanwhile, waiting for your first Christmas, soon we’re leaving for a trip with our grandparents
and our My Grippy Philips Avent cup will obviously come with us 🙂

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