Bocconcini rolled in breadcrumbs and pumpkin soup.

DI Chiara Maci | 20 Sep 2017 | IN COLLABORAZIONE CON AIA


September and the very first pumpkins.

Let’s start.

Bocconcini rolled in breadcrumbs and cooked in the oven, accompanied by pumpkin soup.




300g Bocconcini of turkey rump AIA

1 glass of milk

Extra virgin olive oil

100g breadcrumbs

1 slice of pumpkin (250g)

1 onion


Preheat oven to 200c.

Put the meat in a bowl with the milk.

Meanwhile prepare the pumpkin: peel it, take off the seeds and cut it into small cubes.

Brown the chopped onion slightly and add the pumpkin.

Adjust salt and pepper and let it flavour.

Add two inches of water and go on cooking for about 10/15 minutes. Blend it all together.

Take the bocconcini off, drain them and roll them in breadcrumbs.

Place them on a baking tray with a little oil and cook at 180c for about half an hour, until golden.

After the firts 15 minutes, turn them over.

Serve them laying the boccincini down on a base of pumpkin soup.

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