Risotto with cime di rapa, pannerone and chestnuts.

DI Chiara Maci | 9 Nov 2017 | IN COLLABORAZIONE CON Riso Gallo


Up to the market and back home with some beautiful cime di rapa.

So? Risotto!

The bitter taste of cime di rapa matches perfectly with the sweet side of chestnuts and with the softness of a typical cheese by very particular taste and flavour: pannerone.



1kg cime di rapa

300g rice Gallo Carnaroli Gran riserva

1 onion

Oil evo




Parmigiano Reggiano

100g Pannerone

100g chestnuts

Vegetable broth



– Clean cime di rapa removing first leaves and hard branches. Take the tops off.

– Brown the chopped onion with a little oil and add them.

– Drop the rice, toast it and add the vegetable broth gradually.

– When cooked, turn the heat off and cream it with a piece of pannerone, a pat of butter and a little parmigiano. Add chestnuts, formerly boiled.

Photo By Chiara Maci
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