Chiffon cake lemon and pistachio.

DI Chiara Maci | 11 Mar 2019


One of the cakes I love most.

You have already seen it with red fruits but it can be varied in many ways.

Today we change and we will cover it with a lemon and pistachio icing.



290g self-raising flour for cakes (if you have 00 add a sachet of baking powder)

300g of sugar

200ml of water

120g of sunflower oil

6 eggs

1 vanilla bean

2 big untreated lemons


For the icing:

Juice of 1 lemon

125g of vanilla icing sugar

Sweet pistachios


– Preheat oven at 160c.

– Sift flour into a bowl. Add sugar and a pinch of salt.

– Separate yolks from whites.

– Into a large bowl (the mixture will swell enough) mix yolks with water, oil, lemon zest and the vanilla bean seeds using electric whisks.

– Incorporate the dry ingredients to this mixture, being careful not to deflate it. Stir with a spatula from bottom upwards.

– Pour into a chiffon cake mold (21cm in diameter on the bottom, 25cm in diameter on the surface and 10cm in height), not buttered nor floured.

– Bake the chiffon cake in static oven for about 60 minutes (45-50 minutes at 150c in fan oven), placing the cake in the lower part of the oven. Once cooked, take it out of the oven.

– Turn the mold upside down and place it upon its appropriate feet so that the cake takes air, cools and comes off the edges on its own.

– When the chiffon cake has completely cooled down, you will have to remove the upper part of the mold: you can help yourself with a thin and sharp knife.

– Prepare the glaze by sifting the vanilla icing sugar into a bowl. Add the lemon juice gradually until the desired density is achieved. It will have to be fluid in order to “veil” the spoon.

– Pour the icing onto the cake and let it slide down the sides. Chop the pistachios coarsely and complete by placing them on the surface.

– Let solidify and serve the lemon and pistachio chiffon cake.

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