Fusilli & sausage sauce.

DI Chiara Maci | 20 Dec 2017


Fusilli and sausage Bolognese sauce.

Easy to prepare and very tasty, I promise.

I suggest a short kind of pasta to hold sauce properly 🙂

And if the sauce abounds don’t worry, with some toasted bread it will be perfect!



200g fusilli

1 bottle of tomato sauce

400g sausage

1 onion

A glass of white wine if you like




Oil evo


– Chop the onion with a knife and brown it with a little oil evo (I haven’t added anything else but if you like you can put a carrot).

– Take the skin off the sausage, crumble it, add it and brown it.

– Simmer with a little dry white wine if you like.

– Join the tomato sauce and cook, adjust salt if necessary (sausage is very savory itself) and pepper.

– Bring water for pasta to boil , salt it and drop fusilli.

– Drain them slightly al dente and mix them with the sauce.

– Finish with some basil leaves and a little oil evo.

Photo By Chiara Maci
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