Chocolate cake (without milk proteins).

DI Chiara Maci | 27 Sep 2017


Without milk and without butter, perfect for those who are intolerant to milk proteins and love chocolate.

Compact on the outside and very soft on the inside.

Sweetness and simplicity for a traditional cake with a “modern” smell, perfect for everybody and for every day of the week.

A little bit of innovation today: chocolate cake without milk proteins.

Attention: keep away (but not too much) from the reach of children or they will finish it at once.


Ingredients (for a flower silicon mold of 24cm):

300g dark chocolate

150g cane sugar

150g margarine

70g flour

10g powdered sugar

8g bitter cocoa powder

3 egg whites

1 vanilla bean (in alternative 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract)



– Preheat oven to 160c.

– Whip the egg whites until stiff.

– Add the cane sugar continuing to beat. The mix must be creamy.

– Melt the chocolate together with the margarine in a small pot over a low heat.

– Join the frothy mix with the chocolate and margarine preparation.

– Fold in the powders and the vanilla bean seeds.

– Grease the mold with the margarine then flour it.

– Cook for about  50 minutes in static oven

– Dust with powdered sugar to your liking.


By Luca Banfi

Photo By Giulia Gattiglia
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