Creamed codfish.

DI Chiara Maci | 5 Dec 2018


A delicate and tasty appetizer. Perfect also for Christmas.

The best is to serve it with croutons or with polenta.

Are you making it? 🙂



Cold water

150ml of whole milk

200ml of extra virgin olive oil

800g of soaked codfish


1 garlic clove

Fine salt

Black pepper


– Soak the codfish in water for about 24 hours. Change the water from time to time.

– Cut it into pieces and put it into a saucepan covered with fresh water and milk. Salt it slightly and bring it to boil. From time to time, remove the part that forms on top using the skimmer.

– Cook for about twenty/thirty minutes until well cooked and soft.

– Drain the codfish and remove the bones and the skin.

– Cut it into pieces and put them into a bowl.

– Stir the codfish with a wooden spoon adding the oil gradually (you can also use a mixer if you prefer). You should get some sort of compact cream.

– Add chopped parsley and garlic to taste.



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