Milano food week. The tasty and sustainable event.

DI Chiara Maci | 14 May 2018


“Milano food week is the most enjoyable week ever,

a container of food&beverage events that involve experts, companies, amateurs.”


You can find some Kitchens around the city where there are different gastronomic experiences.


The event is located in two principal areas:

The City kitchen in “Largo Beltrami” where you can assist to some cooking shows, gastronomers stories and lessons.

The Student kitchen in “Iulm university”, with some activities with students, chefs, barman and much more.


This project wants to sensitize young people about wasting food, choosing the products in the supermarkets, etc…


The theme is “ the shopping cart “, with a focus  on the raw materials, the products and the sustainability.

Thanks to this theme, the event has a social aim with the CAMPAGNA CHARITY.


There are three initiatives on May:

  • Supermercato24 collected some big chef’s recipes to offer a grocery list with the right ingredients. Buying this boxes, you can automatically devote 5 euros for charity.
  • In 9 PAM supermarkets in Milan there are some Onlus engaged in collecting food for poor people.


  • In the “Brian & Barry building” we find some shopping carts created by stylists, designers and artists that, at the end of the week, will be sell in a charity auctioning.

milano food week


By Giulia Gattiglia

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