“New” Milano openings.

DI Chiara Maci | 15 Nov 2017


New openings in Milan ( in October, November and December ) of great achievements that multiply their locations.


L’OV MILANO (Milan, viale Premuda 14 – Milan, via Solari 34)

From the 4th of October this “ristobar” opened also in the SOLARI’s district. The egg is the main of the menu.

Vintage furniture, original offers.


BERBERE’ (Bologna, Florence, Turin, Rome, Milan, via Sebenico 21 – Milan, via Vigevano 8)

One year later from the opening in the Isola district, the 5th of October the Aloe’s bros have launched a new location in the NAVIGLI’s area.

They offer the first “pizza gourmet” risen with starch's hydrolysis, seasoned with organic and
seasonal ingredients, “already sliced to be shared” said the menu.


MISCUSI (Milan, via Pompeo Litta 6 – Milan, piazza San Camillo DeLellis)

Our love for the pasta gives quick popularity to “Miscusi”. This is an handmade pasta’s fast food where you can season it as you want.

From November will open near CENTRAL STATION.


FELICE A TESTACCIO (Rome – Milan, via del Torchio 4)

In Rome this is a necessary step for the artichoke “alla guidia” and the “cacio e pepe” creamed in front of you.

Finally in November we will be able to taste their Roman cuisine in the CARROBBIO’s area.


GOD SAVE THE FOOD (Milan, via Tortona 34 – Milan, piazza del Carmine 1 – Milan, Porta Venezia)

This is the reference in Milan for brunch and happy hour.

This design concept “healthy and tasty” will open in December his third restaurant in the PORTA
VENEZIA’s district.

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