Reading is that sixth sense that you must plant, water, take care of.

DI Chiara Maci | 29 Mar 2019 | IN COLLABORAZIONE CON McDonald’s


“Reading is that sixth sense that you must plant, water, take care of”, Rodary said.

Through books we live stories, we imagine distant realities, we immerse ourselves in unique places in the world.

Through books we meet extinct dinosaurs and by reading to our little ones, we dedicate them some special time. Only to them.


A day to discover Happy Meal Readers, a beautiful project on the importance of reading.

With me Massimiliano Rosolino, father of two school-age girls and psychotherapist Alberto Pellai.

But children were the protagonists: two second grade classes of a Milan school played with us, attended a workshop in which they learned the importance of listening and reading together and each one drew their own dinosaur following their own imagination.

Bianca and I had great fun, I went back a little to “a few years ago” and she, well, she’s still repeating all dinosaurs names and she’s waiting for new chapters to come out that I will have to read to her J


Reading books in the company of their parents, whether they read them or we do it aloud, has a great positive influence on their growth and curiosity, we should never forget it.

Alberto Pellai, a developmental psychotherapist, explained to us that “Reading a book with a child means helping him to read the world. Children’s books are mirrors because inside a story they find pieces of their own story, and they are doors because when they open them, they can enter worlds that are only accessible this way.”

Happy Meal Readers, a McDonald’s initiative that from March, for the first time, offers children the opportunity to choose a book instead of the classic game within the Happy Meal and the opportunity to attend free reading workshops.

To take time for ourselves, quality one, the one with our children. With a common key, pleasant and useful at the same time. Reading.

Feeding the mind in a funny way to develop children’s growth and learning and emotional education ability.

Reading books is always a good thing, especially for children, but not only for them.

An unpublished series of twelve stories told by the famous English children’s writer Cressida Cowell.

The adventures of the twins Gelsomino will lead your afternoons together, in a journey through time to know dinosaurs and fantastic stories.

Every eight weeks, two new titles will be available to choose and continue the story.


Good reading and good vision 🙂


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