Risotto with asparagus, caramelized leek and lemon peel.

DI Chiara Maci | 29 Apr 2019


While we are waiting for the return of Spring during these almost autumnal days.



160g of Carnaroli rice

1 bunch of green asparagus

1 leek


Vegetable broth or water

1 natural lemon

Black pepper


Parmigiano Reggiano


– Clean the asparagus by removing the hardest part of the stem. Wash them and cut them into rounds, leaving the tips whole.

– Wash the leek and slice it.

– Melt a nice knob of butter into a saucepan and add the leek and a pinch of sugar.

– Let it sweat and caramelize.

– Add the asparagus to flavour for a few minutes and then the Carnaroli rice. Toast it.

– Wet with vegetable broth or water then until the rice is cooked.

– Cream with a knob of butter and the Parmesan, out of heat.

– Finish with the lemon peel, freshly grated.

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