Risotto with pumpkin, pecorino cheese and trifolati mushrooms. 

DI Chiara Maci | 5 Feb 2018 | IN COLLABORAZIONE CON Samsung


Cold weather I don’t fear you. Here’s a solution for a hot winter snuggle.

Risotto for today, a must in Lombardia region.

Pumpkin sweetness, mushrooms trifolati in a pan with parsley and garlic and the lightly hot taste of pecorino cheese to finish eveything.  All this cannot be missing in Macy’s House.

As for the pumpkin, always remember to choose a rich one, I suggest mantovana or bertagnina.

Regarding mushrooms, if you do not find fresh ones, you can use a good defrosted product, no problem.

Easy and tasty (and with the help of my cooking support, induction flat top Virtual Flame™, temperatures control is really simple and intuitive. For a top precision cooking.)



1 celery stalk

1 carrot

1 onion

200g mantovana or bertagnina pumpkin

1 rosemary branch

Vegetable broth

200g porcini mushrooms



200g carnaroli rice

100g grated pecorino cheese






– Finely chop celery, carrot and onion and brown them into a pan with a little oil.

– Cut the pumpkin into cubes and add it together with a rosemary branch.

– Clean mushrooms carefully, cut them and put them into a pan with a little oil, the fresh parsley minced and a garlic clove.

– Cook everything. Adjust salt if necessary.

– Take the rosemary off from the pumpkin and add rice. Cook the rice helping yourself with the vegetable broth.

– Turn off the flame, add a pat of butter and the pecorino cheese and cream carefully.

– Plate up risotto and garnish with porcini mushrooms and a grated of fresh black pepper.


Photo By Chiara Maci
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