Saffron risotto with smoked salmon, mango and lemon zest.

DI Chiara Maci | 8 Feb 2018


A recipe of Milanese inspiration for today. With some changes.

Risotto served lukewarm, cooked with saffron flavoured water instead of broth, cubed fresh mango  with a scent of my secret ingredient, lemon, and smoked salmon morsels.

Everything finished with freshly grated black pepper.

An explosion of flavours.

Very easy and delicious.



200g acquerello rice



100g norwegian smoked salmon

1 fresh mango




1 pat of butter

1 untreated lemon


– Warm up 1 litre of water and melt a saffron envelop into it.

– Cut mango into small cubes and season it into a bowl with a little untreated lemon zest.

 – Toast rice with a little oil and cook with warm water and saffron.

– Cream with a pat of butter and plate up.

– Finish with fresh mango and norwegian smoked salmon morsels.

– Serve saffron rice with some freshly grated black pepper and more lemon zest.

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