Sparkling wine & “Sfincione”

DI Chiara Maci | 18 May 2018


“I’ve wanted to bring the Sfincione to Milan for years”.

In this way Filippo on 17th of May started the event dedicated to a special new entry in his menu: the Sfincione.

“Soft dough, anchovies, tomato sauce, caciocavallo cheese, those are some of the ingredients of my childhood – continue Filippo – and they bring me in the Sicily that I mostly like, the Sicily that I want to share with my clients. 

The Sfincione is a story, started so many years ago, that tells engagements, popular parties, streets and markets, festivals and religion celebrations”.


The king of the Sicilian street food will be offer in the restaurant “Filippo La Mantia Oste e cuoco” from 18.30 pm to 23 pm, those are the different types:

Palermitano – tomato sauce, anchovies, bread, caciocavallo cheese + minced tomatoes, capers, aromatic erbs

Baarioto – anchovies, pecorino cheese, cottage cheese, caciocavallo cheese, bread + aubergines pickled with lemon, mint, ginger, vinegar and chili pepper

Quadrato – ham, rucola, Grana cheese,  Nero d’Avola wine, lemon and asparagus


In the launch event Cantine Ferrari accompanied the tasting.

A right marriage because Cantine Ferrari wants to promote the Italian lifestyle, valorizing its traditions also with some innovations.


In this way the happy hour at Filippo La Mantia’ s is more and more related with the Sicilian traditions: there’s a degustation journey that do not forget the raw materials in a homey location.



By Giulia Gattiglia

Photo By Giulia Gattiglia
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