A special food tour.

DI Chiara Maci | 3 Jul 2018


When they say “food”, I’m always “ready to go”, but today I want to report you a big project.

I’m talking about a food tour in Navigli area, on Thursday 5th of July, from 7 pm to 11 pm.

A road between cocktails and finger foods, that will finish with a dinner in Berberé gourmet pizzeria.


Those are the stops:

Morgante cocktail&soul



Rita & cocktails



I want to involve everybody in this project because it’s a fundraising for the “Arca project”.

All the proceeds will be given to this charity association that helps people with difficulties to find their independence (drug users, poor families, migrants).

No deductions: a gastronomic tour doesn’t need staff, chefs or extra materials.

The advertising is a no cost social post.

The registration must be done by paying 95 euros on the website progettoarca.org .


The contributors will receive a gift bag with:

Planeta’s organic wine

Hazelnut’s oil by chef Enrico Crippa

Mixer Fever tree

Truffle sauce by Savini Tartufi


Let’s eat, without guilts!


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