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DI Chiara Maci | 16 May 2018


This is the CIBUS’s claim, an International food exhibition in Parma.

This year was the 20th birthday of the fair ( from the 7th to the 10th of May).



3.000 food companies, presented their products and innovations to some international buyers and local visitors.



Eight pavilions divided by alimentary genders: doughs, flours, pasta, cheese, salami and much more.

A few days ago I visited the fair searching for some food news.


Noberasco presented his fruit snacks “Fruit&crock”, without sugars, preservatives, flavorings.

Strawberry, ananas, mirtilli, peach and cherry.

Also Bio Italia presented healthy snacks with spinach, beetroots or other vegetables.

We can say that probably the chips would become out soon!


I tried the “pizzicotto” by Pasta Ligorio, a pugliese’s pasta factory.

It’s a small fried panzerotto, without yeast and lard.

Frozen, ready in one minute, there are three variations (my favorite is the friarielli’ s one).


Tartuflanghe, piemontese’s factory of truffle productions, presented small jars with white or black truffle flakes.


In the jams world I mostly liked the organic tomato one by Mariangela Prunotto (Alba-CN) and the prunes and cocoa one by Le Tamerici (Mantova).


And at the end, the flours.

Starting from Molino Pasini that created some professional compounds for amateur chefs.


Then the mixed flours, integrals, gluten free, with vegetables (for example with pees or green beans), high-proteins.

This types of flours were presented by some chefs that cooked all day long pizzas, panini, biscuits or pasta.


Also the attention to the environment sustainability is increased.

I noticed that a lot of now aste packs was presented for the people who lives alone: the pasta in small pack (250grams) or the eggs products by Le Naturelle, yolk, mixture of eggs, scrambled eggs, in 250 grams organic bottles.


We can say that CIBUS is the Made in Italy in its best expression and also a business opportunity for the big and the small factories to bring the Italian food to the world.












By Giulia Gattiglia


Photo By Giulia Gattiglia
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