33 days of you. When breast pump becomes your best friend.

DI Chiara Maci | 19 Mar 2018 | IN COLLABORAZIONE CON Philips Avent


16 February – 19 March. 24 hours a day together and more than 30 sleepless nights.

One month of you and the awareness that all this can be suffered only for one’s child.

This is love. The one which puts you apart and fills up your heart.


It’s strange for me to write again about so strong feelings. When Bianca was little, I used to write down everything. Weight, changes, fears, day after day emotions.

With Andrea everything seems to be easier, with the second child, everybody knows, you are more expert. Nevertheless…

Nevertheless, sometimes feeling “wonder woman” throws you into a hard reality made of difficoulties, postnatal loneliness, guilt and situations that only you, a mother, can cope with.


A few days ago I wrote on IG a post in which I confessed my tiredness and many of you suggested me to sleep when he sleeps (impossible), to try to rest (impossible), to store milk and delegate (I would try).

And I answered you that I have been trying to delegate for 34 years but I cannot.

I have never been able to ask for, so I got used to do everything by myself.

But, like my mother says, being granny of 4 grandchildren, there comes a time when you need a help, otherwise you cannot make it.

So these days I started with the breast pump too.

It has become essential at least once a day in order to start to go back to my work again, do my meetings or sleep a few hours more.

The convenience or the serenity of storing my milk in order to permit people around me to feed the baby boy even if I am not present.

Moreover, a latest generation breast pump as mine recreate the perfect suction of the baby and it’s very delicate thanks to massaging petals.

Besides, the natural biberon teat reproduces the maternal breast shape to facilitate the attachment of the baby.

Next step will be the pacifier.

Like the one you see on the photo. Small, soft and coloured.

With Bianca it has been a partner for the sleepy-bye and as a fellow (and after three years it has been very difficoult to take it off… I will tell you about that in the next post).

Let’s hope she won’t go to steal her little brother’s one…

Photo By Chiara Maci
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