Carrot Cream and fillet of Sea Bream.

DI Chiara Maci | 27 May 2019

Andre, your food is ready.

Watching him light up suddenly in front of his pastina. Joy.

Carrot cream and a piece of pepper with a baked fillet of sea bream.

I had a big fish that I baked for everyone (without salting it) with cherry tomatoes, olives and potatoes, then I took off his portion for pastina J You can cook it like that or, if you make it just for your children, cook only the fillet.


3 carrots

1 piece of pepper

1 fillet of sea bream

50g of risoni

Vegetable broth or water

A quarter of onion

Extra virgin olive oil



– Preheat oven at 180/200 degrees.

– Rinse, dry and clean the fillet of sea bream.

– Bake in oven for about 15 minutes.

– In the meanwhile, wash and clean the carrots. Cut them into small pieces.

– Chop the onion and brown it into a pan with a little oil.

– Add carrots and a piece of pepper and let flavour for a while. Cover with vegetable broth or water.

– Cook and blend with an immersion blender, getting a creamy and smooth mixture.

– Cook risoni directly into the cream or, if you prefer, boil them in water separately.

– Crumble the baked sea bream into the carrot cream and serve.

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