Baked Anelletti.

DI Chiara Maci | 26 Feb 2019


Baked anelletti with zucchini, baked ham, smoked provola and pesto.


A tasty dish to make a great impression with your guests or family for dinner. I assure you.



400g of anelletti

4 zucchini

1 leek

150-200g of smoked provola

150-200g of baked ham


Basil pesto




– Chop the leek and brown it into a pan with a little oil evo. If you do not have the leek, you can use an onion.

– Wash zucchini and cut them into rounds or small cubes and add them into the pan.

– Adjust salt and pepper to taste and add abundant basil out of heat.

– Bring water for anelletti to boil into a saucepan, salt it and cook them for about 15 minutes (or for the time indicated on the package).

– Drain them al dente and mix them into the pan with zucchini.

– Add a spoon of basil pesto, diced baked ham and provola, and mix carefully.

– Transfer to a baking sheet and put in oven at 200c for 15 minutes.

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