Caserecce with artichokes and orata sauce.

DI Chiara Maci | 27 Mar 2018


Lightness, taste and a longing for spring days. Real spring, though. I am trustful, it’s coming.

Latest artichokes, bought at the market, and a very fresh orata. Lunch calling.

You can also choose a different fish like seabass or snapper or see what the fish seller proposes.



200g caserecce

300g artichokes

1 orata for two people

Cherry tomatoes

Sun-dried tomatoes



White wine

Oil evo



– Clean artichokes taking off the outer and harder leaves and the tassel in the centre. Let them in a container with water and a few lemon drops so that they won’t  blacken.

– Wash and dry the orata carefully.

– Clean and fillet it. Cut it into thin stripes or morsels.

– Brown a garlic clove into a pan with a little oil and cherry tomatoes cut into halves and also a few sun-dried ones.

– Add artichokes cut into quarters, a little fresh parsley and brown for a few minutes.

– When they are half cooked, join the orata and simmer with a half glass of dry white wine. Adjust salt.

– Bring water to boil in a saucepan, salt it and drop caserecce (or the kind of pasta you prefer).

– Drain them al dente directly into the pan with the seasoning and mix everything with the help of some cooking water.

– Plate up and serve.

Photo By Chiara Maci
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