LUNCH BREAK: 10 euros and where to spend them.

DI Chiara Maci | 27 Nov 2017


In a lunch break dominated by bentobox, tupperware and thermos, who says you can not leave the office, eat and drink with taste and spend just the value of a ticket?

Whether it is “wine”, whether it “sweet” or “burger”, the desired meal is just outside the door, so up the hearts and forks!


Martesana: a sweet meal

Warning: Stop too long in front of its showcase causes breaks in the diet! Martesana.

Mignon cakes, cakes and mussels, and still delicious savoiardi, soft plum cake or jolanda. Integral or spelled flour, with or without eggs, all the doughs have their own peculiarity and the ingredients are finely selected for the choice of the perfect sweet.

This pastry offers opportunities for every single moment of the day, so why not take advantage of it and turn a stressful morning into a light afternoon? With a modest investment of 10 euros or a little more, sweetness of all kinds will be poured into your plate, whether slices of crunchy puffy or velvety meringues, miniature gianduia and raspberry towers, or a selection of soft-hearted biscuits and
fragrant shells .

After all, lunch doesn’t have to be salty 😉


Baobab: Drink + Hamburger + Fruit + Coffe

A light menu and a fast service with a full inclusive meal with a coffee, a fruit and a bottle of water.

Baobab. A simple and very concise list, few choices of great taste for every palate, even those who fear dairy product have their own dedicated option. The strength for the “lunch menu” is essentiality and taste with few ingredients, hamburgers with confit tomatoes and salad, in opposition to an evergreen like the succulent cheeseburger. Chips are presented with extremely crisp and light cut, which accompanies the plate and appetite. All the sauces desired are available on each table, to be used individually or creating imaginative mixes.

Ten euros + half an hour for enjoying the meal + half an hour of pleasant conversation = a very enjoyable day’s rest.


Fancytoast: The gourmet reality one inch thick

Finding simplicity and taste in a single slice of bread, as high as soft, enriched with extreme delight, this is Fancytoast. Superbread, so call this soft “one inch thick” support, which is covered by innovative gourmet combinations and quickly served to hungry customers. A fast order at the counter, then straight to the table, just as time to settle down to find yourself standing again and retiring the ingenious creation.

A well-stocked menu comfortably divided into three categories: not basic toast, apparently simplicity in flavors and ingredients, but in reality the few well-calibrated flavors represent the secret. Awesome toast, the gourmet reality of the place. Concluding with the sweet is of course possible, Yummy toast, hazelnut and vanilla creams garnished with candied fruit and aromatic baths.

Fast, tasty and cheap, with just over 10 euros, the most suitable meal for any type of palate.


Signorvino: a daily glass of wine takes away the worries

Wine glasses from Italy and the world with abundant appetizers, the idea of ​​a true wine cellar that blends with the delight of a gastronomy.

Signorvino. The choice remains almost infinite, different amounts of delicious drink for a 360 degree
oenological panorama, from whites to reds, ranging from rosé to sweet liquor. The “tasting formula”, from the modest cost of around 10 euros, offers the possibility of tasting a glass, combining it with three delicious snacks, ranging from fried such as grown pasta and fried eggplants, or try it with gourmet sandwiches, continuing to the tartar with Norcia IGP ham 18 months and gorgonzola, without forgetting Italian crostons with extra virgin olive oil, a delicious fresh stracciatella and basil. Those who usually take advantage of the lunch break to enjoy a glass of wine, here will find a safe and free harbor.

In the end, a daily glass of wine takes away the worries.


By Luca Banfi

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