Enrico Rizzi: a sinfonia of ice creams and sweets.

DI Chiara Maci | 22 Nov 2017


A small ice cream shop, a counter and a mezzanine, you can find all these things in a modern and small shop. Enrico Rizzi.

Two wide windows, which overlook the road, a lab always industrious, always busy between ice creams and cakes, macarons and chocolates of all tastes and fantasies.

Stuffs you can find here are not common. Next to most common tastes like vanilla, strawberry and chocolate, born new interesting mix of flavor and scent. The refinements of the ingredients it is essential: wild strawberry, ginger and cinnamon, violet and rose essence appear in the showcase.

Offered as an ice cream on a waffle, as a filling of a sweet and soft chocolate or as a delicious pie, the different kind of mixes are melt together for an enjoyable experience of the senses.

Here you can find some of the most famous Sinfonie. The Rosè one, that which captures the palate with its smooth rose aftertaste. Sinfonia Tropicale, more rugged and exotic with mango, refreshes even in the warmest days. New entry of 2017 was the Caraibi one, prickly due to the freshness of ginger.

And anybody, like me, is intolerant to lactose and milk’s protein, here, in this ice cream shop, can satisfy his senses.

No soy, but ice creams prepared with water. So you can find sorbets of every taste (even alcoholic), from apricot to bitter cocoa, from matcha tea and raspberry to coconut and ananas.

Whatever, ice cream for any season and even with home delivery. By the way, just a little ice cream is enough to regain the sweetness.


By Luca Banfi

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