Ghea, in Milan.

DI Chiara Maci | 21 Sep 2017


“People eat meat and think they will become strong as an ox, forgetting that the ox eats grass.”

(L. Tolstoj)


In Porta Genova, an aerea of Milan where it seems hard to find any trace of nature, there is a green lung well concealed.


Restaurant GHEA stands out for its exceptional brightness, even though from the outside it appears to be made up of rigid and dark lines; the huge glass widows let a natural light get inside which cheers up the passage of people in front of its facade.


The lobby is an adorable small living room in front of the bar counter, where the polite staff entertain customers as long as the table is ready for meal.

Round tables with a view, in front of the glass window, are merrily brightened by a light peeping out from among the lush ferns, which gives the place an heavenly touch.


This could be unnoticed by an inattentive eye but, looking lively, the brightness of the place catches the glaze.


GHEA is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant which choses a quality based on seasonality, innovation and the lightness of ingredients well revisited.

The menu and the proposed choice lead diners to a wonderland.


The possibility of tasting a vegan cheddar cheescake, enriched by black pepper, pea soup and radish confit, cheers up as a fairy tale under a tree branch would do. To follow, a risotto with saffron pistils, caramelized apricots and citrus fruits.

Pastries “eat me” are worthy of attention: tasty vegan brownies accompanied by a plant based cream. Or, for those who love red colour, a strawberry sauce, accompanied by thin sheets of the same fruit and a heart of strawberry ice-cream is covered with a red rose of whipped cream which encloses it all together and satisfies every visual and smell expectation.

Staff professionalism and a diligent service give the restaurant a further touch of elegance, turning a common dinner into a pleasing dinner.

Dinner or lunch cost is consistent with the average of the other vegan restaurants in Milan.


If you are vegans, carnivores or omnivorous don’t be afraid, it’s a travel worthy to be undertaken, even for the most skeptics who fear to stay hungry after a meat of mere green nature ;-).


Bon Appétit


By Luca Banfi

Photo By Luca Banfi
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