Trattoria dei cacciatori: wandering around in countryside.

DI Chiara Maci | 12 Dec 2017


Eighty years into food service with a family that share a huge passion for gastronomy.

A main  room with a rural flavor followed by a veranda with a view on a picturesque  and ancient yard.

We are just outside Milan, to the “Trattoria dei Cacciatori”.


Following seasons is a must. But here traditions are respected.

Meat, as the protagonist all over the year, is cooked in a lighter way and it is served with delicious and crunchy vegetables during spring and summer.

A mushrooms’s flan with a parmesan sauce satisfies a desire for softness and freshness, the cotechino is served with a sweet homemade salad, makes the whole course outstanding.

Green gnocchi with a parmesan sauce, fragrant polenta with a tender brasato, “l’orecchio di elefante” with its grilled potatoes, satisfy every need.

The desserts offered at the end of the meal follow a season path, fruits and softness appear when the outside temperature start increasing, but when it gets cold and jumpers are ready to be wear, creams and mascarpone are settled in the menù.

The table is set perfectly with kindness and elegance, making the whole the experience enjoyable.

The cost exceed the average threshold, but it’s justified by the selection of raw materials and the chef’s innovation. 🙂

For those who love go to the “adventure” outside Milan, Trattoria dei Cacciatori remains a solid destination. For those who love try new experiences, far away from pollution and caos, I suggest to take a look to this restaurant and taste the tradition.



By Luca Banfi

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