My Russian Salad.

DI Chiara Maci | 10 Jan 2018


A tasty appetizer served cold.

Sautéed vegetables and homemade mayonnaise, easy and perfect for parties but also for a dinner with friends.



150g carrots

150g zucchini

2 cubed potatos

200g peas

1 Avocado

100g mini corn cobs



1 tablespoon of white vinegar

2 yolks

Juice of one lemon

250g peanut seed oil


For the mayonnaise:

– Pour the yolks, the lemon juice and salt into a high glass.

– Start to beat the mix with a hand blender and add the seed oil gradually.

If your mixer has different choices of speed, begin with the lowest and finish with the highest. Your mayonnaise will be ready in a few minutes.

For vegetables:

– Clean, peel and wash the vegetables.

– Cut them into small cubes (peas apart) and stir-fry them into a pan with a little oil. Adjust salt if needed.

– Let them cool down and mix them into a bowl with the vinegar and mayonnaise.

– Serve.


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