Octopus with potatoes and zucchini’s cream and caramelized tomatoes.

DI Chiara Maci | 23 Mar 2018


It’s spring time and there’s the desire to have an “open air” lunch, on the riverside maybe.

While waiting a short trip, I would propose to you a fresh, light and irresistible recipe.




600/700g whole octopus

700g of zucchini

1 potato

“datterino” or “ciliegino” tomatoes

1/2 glass of white wine



brown sugar


– Put the cleaned and gutted octopus in a boiling and salted pot of water.

– Cook it for 30 minutes.

– When it’s done, turn off the fire and let it in its water.

– Wash and cut in medium pieces the zucchini.

– Wash, peel and cut in big pieces a potato.

– Boil the potato and after few minutes the zucchini.

– Cook it until they became soft.

– Put the vegetables in a container with high edges and blend them with salt and pepper and the water in which they where cooked.

– You have to obtain a smooth and uniform cream.

– Let the evo oil become hot in a small wok.

– Add some small tomatoes with salt and brown sugar.

– Cook until the sugar will melt and the tomatoes will be softer.

– At this point pick up the octopus from the pot and cut its tentacles.

– Brown them in a wok with evo oil.

– Pour the half glass of wine and let it evaporate.

– Cover the octopus for 10 minutes.

– Warm up the potato and zucchini’s cream and put it in a dinner plate.

– Add in each plate two tentacles and a few caramelized tomatoes.

You have to serve it warm and also try the recipe with other kind of vegetables.

Photo By Giulia Gattiglia
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