Tasty salty panettone.

DI Chiara Maci | 14 Nov 2017 | IN COLLABORAZIONE CON Opel


The sweet and light taste of Raspadura lodigiana that melts in the mouth and brings out all the flavour of cheese.

My secret ingredient for a tasty salty panettone, stuffed with boiled ham, porcini mushrooms and pumpkin cream soup.  



1 salty Panettone

400g boiled ham

1 Delica pumpkin

400g porcini mushrooms

2 iceberg lettuce heads

Oil evo





200g of Raspadura Lodigiana


– Cut the pumpkin into slices and put it in oven at 200c for 40 minutes.

– Once time has passed, take all the pulp off with a tablespoon, add a pinch of salt and pepper and blend with a hand mixer (or simply squash it and mix with a fork).

– Clean the porcini (you can also use frozen ones if you prefer).

– Put a little oil and a garlic clove in a pan, let it brown for a few minutes and add the chopped parsley. Cook for a few minutes.

– Stuff the panettone layers spreading the pumpking cream soup first, than the boiled ham, mushrooms, salad and raspadura petals to complete.


Photo by Giulia Gattiglia
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