Tomato and Bread soup.

DI Chiara Maci | 16 Jan 2019

Tuscan “Pappa al pomodoro”. A dish that speaks about tradition and simplicity.

I used tomato pulp instead of fresh tomatoes (considering the season), extra virgin olive oil, basil and leftovers of Tuscan stale bread. Tuscan, as the origin of this dish.


600g of chopped tomato pulp

250g of Tuscan stale bread

1 garlic clove


1 litre of vegetable broth



Extra virgin olive oil

– Cut the Tuscan bread into slices and soak it in water and basil.

– Meanwhile, prepare the garlic clove crushed into a pan with olive oil and add the chopped tomato pulp.

– Adjust salt and pepper.

– Add the vegetable broth gradually and the soaked bread, scented with basil.

– Go on cooking until the bread is overdone.

– Join the basil and let it cool down.

– Serve with top-quality oil evo.

Photo By Chiara Maci
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