Travelling with children is possible. You just have to get ready for that ;-)

DI Chiara Maci | 21 May 2018 | IN COLLABORAZIONE CON Philips Avent


I am flying back from Palermo to Milan.

I once used to write when travelling.

Then Bianca arrived and it became hard to find time to do it.

Now, with both of them, one in my arms and one by my side, I am taking advantage of a general sleep to put some quick thoughts on my pc. And as I think about how many things a mum can do, I smile.

Bianca’s firs flight abroad comes to my mind. I was taking her to Paris with me for a job travel. She was 5 months old and I was totally unprepared. With my usual “wonder woman” desease, loaded with luggage, stroller, baby food, baby and bag, I took that flight and broke down in tears because I wasn’t able to keep everything together. I had too much luggage or too many worries or too little time to arrange eveything. And she was crying. I realized for the first time that everything was far more hard being alone.

The hostess came to help me and suggested to give the baby the pacifier during the flight so that she would certainly stop crying but most of all her ears wouldn’t hurt during take-off and landing.

That was my salvation.

I always had it with me but I used it very rarely. Since then I never left that small coloured dummy which helped me in all most difficoult occasions. From sleepy-bye to travels. Bianca used to caress it before sleep. And quitting it when she was three was a drama.

Today I  am reliving the importance of the pacifier with Andrea. I always take 3 with me and I choose the softest ones so that, even if so little, he can easily fall asleep and cuddle himself without any problem for palate (I chose ultra air di Philips Avent).

It’s funny to realize how the same things are different after 4 years.

It’s incredible how much you can change. How strong you can get when you have children.

It’s impressive how time doubles and strenght increases when you are a mother.

Everything changes and the memory of that crying on a flight and of all those which followed becomes a smile, a moment in which you once more have learned to grow up.

And you never stop to do it. It’s true.

Photo By Giulia Gattiglia
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