White ragu with zucchini and peas Rigatoni.

DI Chiara Maci | 29 May 2018


Ground beef, fresh peas, zucchini and Rigatoni “al dente” to have it all.

Lunch served  🙂



400g Rigatoni

200g fresh peas

4/5 small light green zucchini

250g ground beef

1 onion

Oil evo

Grated Parmigiano Reggiano


Black pepper


– Bring water for pasta to boil into a saucepan.

– Wash and cut zucchini into rounds and shell peas.

– Chop the onion with a knife and brown it in a pan with a little oil.

– Add ground beef and brown it. Simmer with a glass of white wine to taste.

– Cook adding zucchini and peas. Adjust salt and pepper.

– Drop pasta and drain it “al dente” directly into the pan with seasoning and a little cooking water to cream it.

– Serve with some grated Parmigiano Reggiano and pepper to taste.

Photo By Giulia Gattiglia
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